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We want to help your student grow—academically, socially and emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually.  In working with you as parents, as well as your church, we can help create a solid academic and spiritual foundation for your student.  At Pella Christian Grade School, our mission is "Proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all spheres of life and learning, Pella Christian Grade School, together with the parents, provides excellent academic training rooted in God's infallible Word, challenging students to develop their individual God-given gifts for a life of service in God's kingdom."

For over 100 years, our experienced staff and caring faculty have been committed to that mission.  There are many reasons more than 400 students attend Pella Christian Grade School.  Effective curriculum.  Excellent teachers.   Variety of programs.   But the most important reason?  Jesus Christ.  He is central to all we do at Pella Christian!

Learn more about how our students Rise Higher, Fly Together and Soar in Christ at Pella Christian Grade School:

  • Pella Christian Grade School is an accredited institution in the State of Iowa through Independent Accreditation with Christian Schools International (CSI) since 2014.  The CSI Accreditation process involves conducting a self-study and writing a school improvement plan that is verified through a site visit, as well as, a certification review by an accreditation commission.  Pella Christian completed its latest review during the 2019-20 school year and is accredited through July 2025 with CSI.

  • Class sizes range from 14 to 25, with an average of 17 students.

  • Our overarching goal with technology is to teach children how to use it appropriately. Beginning in fourth grade, students use a school-supplied Chromebook that stays at school. That Chromebook follows students to fifth grade and the device stays at school. Beginning in sixth grade the Chromebook is taken to and from school each day. All electronic devices are managed and filtered both on and off-campus.

  • We offer a Spanish immersion option for children in preschool through eighth grade. Spanish immersion helps children become bilingual, as your child will learn all the core subjects in Spanish. Please visit the Spanish Immersion portion of our website to learn about the benefits of Spanish immersion.

  • 5 Fine Arts Offerings - art, band, marching band, choir, theatre.

  • 8 Athletic Offerings - cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, track, softball, baseball and wrestling.


Pella Christian Grade School serves students from:

  • 14 denominations
  • 35 churches
  • 17 communities
  • 254 families

Creation Station Christian Preschool serves nearly 80 three, four and five year old students.  Learn more about Creation Station class offerings including:  Three School, Preschool, Spanish Immersion Preschool and One to Grow On.

Each teacher is a professing Christian and is certified by the State of Iowa.


Teaching for Transformation (TfT)

TfT provides a framework for the development of authentic, formational Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living out God’s story.  Learn more.


The goal of PC's chapels are to provide an opportunity for mid-week worship, encourage students' spiritual growth, and build spiritual community.  Learn more.

Discipleship Groups

All students at Pella Christian Grade School are in a Discipleship Group.  These groups, consisting of members from every grade level, meet throughout the year to do a variety of activities such as a field day or Christmas caroling in the community.  Eighth-grade students work side-by-side with the adult sponsors to lead the group in events.  Learn more.


Recently, ranked Pella as the third best city in the nation to live in based on the “best bang for your real estate buck in regard to public and private education.”

Based on the largest Christian education study ever conducted, The Cardus Survey suggests a summary of their findings: "Graduates have been found to be uniquely compliant, generous individuals who stabilize their communities by their uncommon and distinctive commitment to their families, their churches, and their communities, and by their unique hope and optimism about their lives and the future

We believe each child is a unique image of God and strive to get to know how God has created each child so we can best “challenge each child to develop their individual, God-given gifts for a life of service in God’s kingdom.”