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Why did we change to Chromebooks?

June 30, 2016

During the review of our current program there were several factors that led us to our decision to move to the Chromebook option.  First, the chromebooks has improved over the last few years.  The machines have shown better durability and usability during this time.  Second, the Google accounts we use at school work seemlessly with these devices.  Third, There was a great deal of feedback concerning the composition of papers and printing option with the iPad.  Both staff and students indicated that the Chromebook offered more options in regards to this factor of learning.  Finally, the price does allow us to be steadwardly with our funds.  Purchasing the chromebooks at a reasonable cost allows us to expand our devices and impact the technology throughout the school.

Dr. Frejd Parent Presentaion

March 09, 2015

On Thursday, March 5, Dr. Sylvia Frejd spoke to our parents on "Digital Wellness and Your Family."  Dr. Frejd's emphasis was to create a continuing dialog about digital wellness.  Her challenge to parents was to develop digital boundaries and guidelines in their home and create moments for discussions around the topic of technology with their family.  The video recording for this event can be viewed here and the presentation can be viewed by clicking here

Dr. Frejd Speaking in Pella

January 28, 2015

Dr. Sylvia Frejd, co-author of The Digital Invasion, will be speaking in Pella on Thursday, March 5, in the Vermeer Auditorium at Pella Christian High School beginning at 7:00 PM.  The one hour event is titled "Digital Wellness and Your Family."  All parents are encouraged to attend this learning opportunity.  

Dr. Fredj serves as the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Digital Wellness at Liberty University, the nation’s first Digital Wellness Center dedicated to teaching a healthy use and theology of technology. She will share her passion to see God transform families from a culture of distraction to a culture of engagement. Let’s embrace all the positive aspects of our technology but learn how to put healthy digital boundaries around our use.



Parent Book Study Opportunity

January 14, 2014

"Over the past year we've been looking for quality resources to share with our parents regarding the use of technology.  I recently read The Digital Invasion by Archibald Hart.  This book explores the ways that technology is changing our lives.  Backed by research Dr. Hart offers therapeutic and Biblical strategies to become good stewards of our digital life," explained Mr. Te Grotenhuis, curriculum director and 7th grade instructor at PCGS.

 A few parents are forming a book study to process this important information. Together, we will discuss how to manage the distractions our devices bring so that we can remain in Christ and bear fruit for him.  We will be meeting on Monday evenings for 5 weeks, beginning  January 27 and concluding on February 24th. We will meet in the PCGS library from 7:00-8:30.

If you are interested in joining us, please email Jodi in the school office  at vanderhartj@pellachristian.net. It is important that you put Digital Invasion in the subject line. You will then receive an email with details. Please consider this helpful opportunity!

The Digital Invasion by Archibald Hart

January 02, 2014
By Mr. Te Grotenhuis

Over the past year we've been looking for quality resources to share with our parents regarding the use of technology.  I recently read The Digital Invasion by Archibald Hart.  This book explores the ways that technology is changing our lives.  Backed by research Dr. Hart offers therapeutic and Biblical strategies to become good stewards of our digital lives.  

Focus on the Family recently broadcast two interviews with Dr. Hart and his daughter, Sylvia Hart Frejd.  We invite you to listen to both of these interviews by following the links below.  These interviews discuss the impact of technology's influx on family.

Part 1

Part 2

Why is PCGS encouraging parents to Create an Apple ID for their child(ren) in grades 6-8?

March 26, 2013

At the March 18 PCGS board meeting the board approved a motion encouraging PCGS parents of students in grades 6-8 to create an Apple ID using the students pceagles.org email address.  If parents chose not to create an Apple ID a generic Apple ID will be created and used for their child.  So the question becomes why create an Apple ID?  

  • All iPads required a registered Apple ID before any apps can be downloaded to the device.  
  • Give our students access to iCloud backups - iCloud automatically backs up a device once every 24 hours.  This backup can be used to easily restore student settings and files if something were to happen to their device.  
  • Gives students access to their documents via iCloud.com
  • Allows the "Find my iPad" app to function properly

Be watching your Biweekly Newsletter for an article relating to the creation of Apple ID's.  The PCGS Technology Committee is planing two times in which parents can come in to PCGS and create an Apple ID for their child with the help of the Technology Committee.  

What was shared at the March 19th parent meeting?

March 26, 2013

At the March 19 parent meeting David Te Grotenhuis reviewed the reasons PCGS is considering 1:1, shared information about how concerns have been addressed, walked through the professional learning taking place this year to prepare our teachers for a 1:1 environment, and informed parents of the next steps PCGS is working on.  You can view the presentation or watch a video of Mr. Te Grotenhuis' presentation at the hyperlinks below.  

What are some specifics of the 6-8 iPad program?

February 22, 2013
  • The iPad will be filtered both on and off campus.  
  • The school will distribute apps to the students.  Students will not have access to the Apple App Store.  
  • PCGS strongly encourages parents to create an Apple ID for their child using their child's pceagles.org email address in order to have a consistent backup of the iPad.  
  • If parents elect not to create an Apple ID for their child a generic Apple ID will be assigned to them and students will loose the ability to backup their iPad.  
  • The programs intent is for our students to take their iPads home, but parents can opt to have their child leave and charge their iPad at school overnight so it is ready for them when they return in the morning.  
  • Students will still be able to access their content on their iPad using cloud storage options such as Google Drive and Apple's iCloud.  

What was shared at the November 13 Parent Meeting?

November 20, 2012

A meeting to inform and update parents on PCGS's 1:1 plans took place November 13.  The PCGS Technology Committee is considering a plan that would put an iPad into the hand of each 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student.  You can view the presentation clicking here.  The meeting was also recorded and a DVD of the presentation will be made available soon in the school office.  You can watch the presentation given at the parent meeting by clicking here.  The technology committee is also working to upload this video and will put a link on the website as soon as that project is complete.  

Why should PCGS go 1:1?

October 13, 2012
  1. Our middle school teachers are ready for this program.  Several middle school teachers are already integrating technology in their classroom well, but the limiting factor for additional technology integration is the lack of availability of devices.  A 1:1 program would increase technology integration within our classrooms.

  2. A 1:1 environment will provide additional opportunity for our teachers to differentiate instruction and increase student collaboration. Two essential characteristics of a 21st century classroom.  

  3. A 1:1 program will provide additional opportunities for using formative assessment in the classroom.  A key characteristic of effective instruction.  

  4. Current technology is not meeting current demands.  Even with the addition of two iPad carts and a laptop cart for the 2012-13 school year, teachers do not have access to the devices they need when they need them.  

  5. A 1:1 program is aligned to our schools mission.  Technology is a tool that can be used to build up or tear down God’s kingdom.  Students need to learn appropriate use of technology in kingdom service.

  6. PCGS has the necessary infrastructure in place to lead the way for other Christian middle school iPad programs.  We want to be a model 1:1 iPad program for our sister Christian schools.  

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