School Improvement Plan

Pella Christian Grade School is accredited by Christian School's International (CSI).  In January of 2014 the PCGS board and staff began the accreditation process with CSI by completing a self study.  A school improvement plan was then created based on opportunities identified through the self study.  Finally CSI assembles a site visit team made up of current and former leaders in Christian education.  Over the course of three days in November of 2014 a site visit team conducted several interviews, observations, and evaluations of programs at PCGS and recommended it for full accreditation privileges.  

Pella Christan Grade School's School Improvement Plan is as follows:  

  1. Develop and implement a plan to ensure that we provide excellent training, rooted in God’s word, throughout all grades.
    1. Implement a consistent process for data collection to evaluate effective instruction and track student learning.
    2. Formally teach organizational and planning skills beginning in the younger classes.
    3. Implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) that reinforces and celebrates positive behaviors.
    4. Implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) for academic needs.
  2. Develop and implement a long-term, effective professional learning plan that delivers just in time learning opportunities for teachers, increases collaboration time for colleagues, continuously develops our curriculum, and utilizes data to make curricular decisions.
    1. Develop a PCGS Characteristics of Effective Instruction Template.
    2. Cultivate and fund a program to promote a culture of mentoring, professional growth, personal goal setting, and collaboration with other schools.
    3. Establish the Professional Learning Community model operating under the three foundations of PLCs and guided by the 4+1 PLC questions.
  3. Integrate Reformed worldview thinking at all levels and across all disciplines.  
    1. Establish baseline “essential concepts and skills” of a Reformed worldview and integrate them into all curriculum maps.
    2. Evaluate, adapt and refine horizontal and vertical integration of “essential concepts and skills” of a Reformed worldview.
    3. Determine means of assessing student growth of Reformed worldview throughout K-8 experience.
  4. Address the short and long term eminent learning space needs of our school.  
    1. Develop a safe, energy efficient, technologically adaptive building that facilitates the future needs of our students, staff and constituents.
    2. Develop a site plan that uses the identified space as effectively as possible, that considers traffic flow, parking, snow removal, sun exposure, exterior learning spaces and adequate athletic fields and facilities.
    3. Minimize the impact to learning for students and staff during construction, and provide as seamless a transition as possible upon project completion.
  5. Create additional community building opportunities and build consensus around how we will better serve students with individual God given gifts.
    1. Build consensus and articulate a plan amongst middle school staff as to how we will service our students in grades 6-8 at PCGS (articulate our Middle School Model of Education).  
    2. Increase our opportunities for cross grade community building with the successful implementation of K-8 discipleship teams.  
    3. Be certain that each student at PCGS is known well and by at least one adult advocate at school.

You can view our Annual Progress Report Here.