Tuition Assistance Options

Are you concerned about paying tuition?  We can help!

Paying tuition is the number one concern for most parents who are considering sending their child(ren) to Pella Christian Grade School.  We estimate that 90% of parents utilize at least one of the four easy ways to help lower the cost of tuition. 

The tuition scale for the 2018-2019 school year can be seen here.  Any member of our Finance Committee is ready and eager to answer any financial question.  Each Finance Committee member will tell you that nobody attends PCGS for free, yet if you feel called to Christian education, we will do our best to support you this year and in the future.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Finance Committee at any time.

Finance Committee Member        Best Phone Number to Call        Best Email Address to Contact

Chad Vink                                     641-627-5262                     

Holly Lee                                       641-780-1974                     

Teresa Ulferts                                641-629-1000                     

Kyle Van Wyngarden                    515-577-2624                      

Mike Vander Molen                       314-920-1319                      

Mark Van Wyngarden                   641-777-5793                      

Glen Swanson                              641-204-1893                      

We would love an opportunity to partner with you to “challenge your child to develop his or her gifts for a life of service in God’s kingdom!”