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        PCGS receives addalingua endorsement

May, 2020


addalingua, a Michigan-based education services organization, announced Pella Christian Grade School as the first school to achieve endorsement, a coveted level of excellence and recognition among dual language immersion programs. addalingua has been working in partnership with schools across the country to implement its proprietary brand of dual language immersion education since 2009.

“We worked very hard to differentiate addalingua programs from other dual language or immersion models,” said Stacey Vanden Bosch, one of addalingua’s co-founders. “If you take a moment to survey states about what dual language and immersion education is, you’ll find a plethora of definitions and little to no quality guidelines corresponding to expected student outcomes. addalingua programs align to strict quality standards, grade-level language proficiency and culture frameworks, and a five-year teacher development plan. Similar to the authorization process International Baccalaureate follows for schools interested in becoming IB World Schools, addalingua requires schools to implement our materials and complete “certification” or training.

"I'm thrilled!” shared Rebecca Gómez, Pella Christian’s Spanish immersion program director. “The addalingua endorsement shows that our Spanish Immersion program is a high-quality program that implements with fidelity to the addalingua model. It also proves our teachers are always keeping in mind our three-fold immersion goal: high academic achievement, grade-level bilingualism and biliteracy, and cross-cultural competence.”

“addalingua’s mission is to inspire global empathy through education in two languages. When you can start with children as young as preschool or kindergarten, it helps them develop their identities as world citizens who are not afraid to embrace differences.” added Lilah Ambrosi, co-founder of addalingua. “It isn’t surprising that in addition to seeking academic excellence and biliteracy, school leaders are drawn to the deeper benefit of instilling true global empathy in students whose world is global in nature - even in small towns like Pella, Iowa. We recognize this monumental achievement and look forward to watching the impact their highly proficient and culturally astute students will have on the world for years to come.”

“The Spanish Immersion program at Pella Christian Grade School is a true blessing to our community by providing our families with a unique choice between Spanish Immersion or the more traditional English track,” said David Te Grotenhuis, Pella’s Head of School. “Both offer the opportunity for their child to experience a curriculum that is rooted in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and develop their individual God-given gifts for a life of service in God’s kingdom."

Once addalingua programs are fully implemented, usually within five years of articulation, an addalingua “partner school” has the option to demonstrate full alignment to addalingua program standards through a year-long rigorous self-study and evaluation that can culminate in “addalingua program endorsement.” Pella Christian Grade School has been an addalingua partner school since 2012.

Families interested in Pella Christian Grade School’s Spanish Immersion program can contact Spanish Immersion Director, Rebecca Gomez at or Pella Christian’s Admissions Director, Teresa Ulferts at