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"I wish we had moved here sooner!  We had been living in Atlanta, Ga. and had discussed moving for a number of years. We wanted to raise our children in a safe environment and have them attend a good Christian school. We had the opportunity to move anywhere in the world and after much thought and research, we chose Pella, Iowa. We moved here last summer without even a job because we felt so strongly about this area and this school. It was really a leap of faith and it's proved to be the best move of our life. Our children love school so much that they look forward to going every day. This school embraced my children with open arms and welcoming voices. At previous schools, we were discontented with a number of things, but at PCGS, it has surpassed all my expectations. I've never seen before such an earnest, caring, and concentrated effort to focus on the children. The administration, teachers and staff at PCGS are there because they want the very best for our children and they strive to give it with all their hearts, souls, and minds. No child is left behind and every child is important in everyone's eyes. Not only is the academic program one of the best in the nation, but the children are showered with love and kindness by everyone at PCGS. Plan a trip to Iowa, visit Pella, and come see our school. Not only are the schools superior but this community is a wonderful place to raise a family. Pella is very family oriented. The people here are very involved in providing and participating in activities for the children and family year around. It's unlike any place we've ever lived before and we've moved around many times. I wasn't sure when we moved here if I'd like it or if we'd even stay. However, in a short period of time, I've grown to love it here and I think we'll stay..................forever!"
                                                                                                                                                       -Jean Starkey

"We chose Pella Christian Grade School for our children's education because of the school's high academic rating, biblical foundation, and the love shown and given to the children by the teachers and staff. Our children have been taught that God loves them and that God has a special plan for their life. When you combine a sense of personal destiny with academic excellence, you have provided an atmosphere for our child to flourish spiritually, intellectually and physically."

                                        -Lloyd and Lisa Berntsen, Monroe, Iowa

"The reasons we send our son to Pella Christian Grade School instead of the public school system are really quite simple. First, we believe that God is the central component of our lives and that God should be central in the school system as well. This allows for the creation of a truly caring and nurturing environment that we believe makes the learning process more natural. Additionally, by allowing prayer in the classroom and demonstrating how God is a part of everything we do or know, the children learn Godly discipline and to respect each other and their teachers, which is something that appears to be sorely lacking in the public sphere. Secondly, the academic quality of Pella Christian Grade School is demonstrated by the awards the school has received; so who wouldn't want their child to attend a program that has such a fine reputation? And lastly, but by no means the least, is the quality of character that is possessed by the teachers and staff. Every teacher we have had experience with has shown such a genuine interest in caring for our son's well being and educational achievement that we feel we are truly blessed to have the opportunity to enroll our son in Pella Christian Grade School."
-Scott and Amy Meyer, Otley, Iowa

I grew up in Christian Schools but my husband did not.  I knew the benefits, but I also knew it was a struggle for my parents to put 4 children through Christian education.  My husband and I always said wherever I was teaching that's where our kids would go to school.  The time came for our daughter to go to school.  I didn't have a job teaching and a decision had to be made.  We attended both round ups and prayed for guidance.  We loved Mrs.Terborg and my daughter (with no coaching) wanted to go to Pella Christian.  I can't say it hasn't been a struggle at times, but the wonderful teachers, Christ centered curriculum, and loving environment make it priceless.  God does have a plan for our lives, and he was leading us in the right direction.

I have sat down and wrote this out a number of times.  Each not seeming to be quite right, but then it hit me.  I don’t send my girls to Pella Christian because I want to, I send them here because I have to.  I went to Pella, my husband went to Pella Christian, both very good schools!  I wanted the girls to go to public because I went there and loved it.  And when it came time to write the first check, I really wanted them to go there!  However, a small voice said, “I take care of the sparrow, do you think I won’t take care of you too?”  Boy has God ever taken care of us!  Yes, it is a big commitment.  Yes, we go without that new car, but we do not go without the things we need most.  The money has always been there!  God has blessed us more and more, more than I ever thought would be imaginable!

I love how I can talk with the staff openly about anything, and they really care.  I love how they love my girls and have the same goal for them as I do.  I love how the most important thing to them is my girls’ souls!!  When we take the time, sit real still and listen to the voice of God, nothing, and I mean nothing, can go wrong!  I have watched my girls grow in their walk with Christ.  I have seen how he has done the most amazing things in them.  The love of Jesus just flows from the staff, to my girls, to the world; furthering the kingdom.  Words can not tell you how important it is for me to send my two girls here.  All I can say is that when you walk in this building, you can feel the Holy Spirit moving.  It is the most awesome thing I have ever felt.  Sending the girls to Pella Christian is really not a choice for us, the Spirit says move, and we do.  Then we just hold on because the ride he takes us on is a blast!

All three of our kids attended and graduated from PCGS and we’re so thankful for the education they received.  But we realize that our children received so much more than just a quality education.  When our daughters were at PCGS, they experienced the typical ups and downs of elementary school life.  We always appreciated the opportunities they had to grow -- in their academic life as well as in their faith walk.  However, we came to appreciate Pella Christian in a whole different way after our son started attending school.  When our son started displaying some behavioral challenges in Creation Station, his teacher was incredibly patient and concerned.  She worked with us to develop a positive game plan to help him succeed.  By the 4th grade, though, our son was showing some serious emotional and behavioral difficulties.  We are so thankful for the help and support we received from his teachers that year.  The support we received from the school continued throughout all of his grade school and middle school years.  Each and every teacher he had did all they could to help him school and in life.  Our son was always shown the love of Christ by his teachers.  We always felt that his teachers truly cared about him and about us.  It’s humbling, but incredibly uplifting, when your child’s teacher tells you that they’re praying for you!  Pella Christian Grade School truly seeks to provide a Christ-centered education for all of its students.

Pella Christian Grade School has had a huge impact on our entire family.  Our children have received a superb education from caring teachers.  The school has been an extension of what we are teaching them at home and what they learn in church.  As early elementary students the truths found in the Bible were reinforced to them many times each school day.  It's amazing how they can discover God's hand in everything they learn.  As they have grown up, their faith has also grown and teachers have even mentioned the strong faith they’ve noticed.  The love and concern of the teachers has been an incredible blessing.  When there is a serious illness or death, our children freely share it with their teachers and classmates and they pray for each other.  After other students and teachers share prayer requests at school, our children inform us of them at home and we can pray as a family for those needs and thanksgivings.  May God continue to richly bless Pella Christian Grade School!

I never really understand why Christian education was so important for people, but now I know and understand why.  My faith has been a journey through out my life.  Christian school has simply just helped to make that firm foundation stronger.  Everything that we have been given is from God, we owe everything to Him, not just part of our lives but everything.  We as Christians need to put God before every thing we say and do, and the more we know and the more we accept of Him the more we will be able to go out and do what God calls us to do. God calls us to love Him, love others, and make disciples everywhere. So if people ask me why Christian education is so important I simply say…why not?

I feel the biggest blessing from Pella Christian Schools is that the school continues to teach my children what I am strive to teach them at home, and especially what I worked so hard to develop in my children when they were young and at home with me.  I have always wanted my children to know that being a Christian is an all day, every day thing.  Christianity isn’t something you do some times, it is who you are all the time.  As a family with young children, I would demonstrate this by frequently stopping to say a quick prayer during the day; for example when we heard sirens, or when someone’s name was brought up, or when siblings were disagreeing.  When it came time to send the children to school, I knew I had to chose a school that would continue this pattern of going to God frequently throughout the day.  How wonderful it is that during the school day my children pray to God several times, read the Bible, and talk about God and His plan for His world and His people.  I think it would be very confusing for my children after being trained to go to God all throughout the day to suddenly only pray and read the Bible when at home, and not during the 7 hours they were at school each day.  That is a big portion of their day, and I am thrilled to know that my children are hearing about God "from the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same" Ps. 113:3.  What a privilege and blessing it is to be able to shower my children with God’s Word at school!  After all, there is no greater lesson I want to pass on to them, than how to love and live for Jesus all day long for every day of their lives.

The decision to send our children to a school that teaches Christian education was not a difficult one for us.  My husband grew up in a family that did not attend church, and he came to Christ through his relationship with me.  When it came time to decide where our children would be educated, he wanted them to have the opportunity that he did not have to learn about God and his Word from early childhood.  We have two children at Pella Christian Grade School, and three others who have graduated from Pella Christian High School.  Financially, we have found God to be faithful in providing the resources over the years to bless our children with Christian education.  None of our children have ever complained about not having enough things, or experiences, because of our family’s priority of commitment to Christian education.   In fact, their teachers have helped them to understand that by providing Christian education for them, their parents are showing them love and care not only physically, but also great love and care for their souls.  Children spend equal amounts of their waking hours at school as they do at home with their parents, and it is such a blessing to have them in the presence of committed Christian teachers who are mandated to teach every subject in the light of God and his redemptive plan for his world.  There are no perfect parents, or churches, or schools; but working together through all sorts of daily activities and circumstances we can help our children grow into a life of purposeful service to God and others both in this world, and in the world to come!

"For those tears I died"
I am starting my story about Christian Education from a personal experience. I myself am a Christian school graduate and now a parent that sends my own children to the same school. Rolling back to the year, 1975-1976, I sat as a student surrounding the piano of Mr. Bandstra. We were singing the song "For those tears I died."(Those of you as old as I may remember it. )The chorus goes something like this: "Come to the waters, stand by my side, I know your a Christian you won't be denied" It was during this song that the Holy Spirit stirred in my heart as a young girl, and I began weeping, trying all I could do to hide it from my fellow class mates. It has remained for me one of those pivotal moments in my life in which I now sensed the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus in my life! These kinds of mountain top experiences are never forgotten! Praise Him!

My own children are at PCGS. All the Bible papers they bring home and how much I learn from them astound me.  I know they are obtaining sounding Biblical training.  I know I learned all this myself when I was in school, but my mind is not one that retains information long term. I guess that is God's way of keeping me humble and making me continue to search for Him for a lifetime!  I also must honestly admit, that as I watch my children and observe the constant strife between them, (sibling rivalry), I wonder, is any thing sinking in!!!!! I am sure you teachers can relate! But it is during these times that God quiets my soul and say, "Mother, in my time". Our Lord God is one of mystery, and the Holy Spirit is as untamed as the wind. But I have this assurance that the Lord loves my children more than I do and will choose the right time to move this "head knowledge" down into their hearts. It is during these times that I remember my experience in the fifth grade sitting around the piano, singing, "For those tears I died".  It is now that I continue to wait on the Lord, and wait for my children to personally receive Him.  Because of this, Christian Education has remained dear to me. I realize that God can sent His Spirit at any time and at any place, but I am thankful that at the Christian school the Lord is welcomed to come as we usher Him in with praise and singing!

I always knew I wanted to send my children to Pella Christian but was really worried about paying tuition. Once my son started Kindergarten I didn't care about the money any more. We just thought, "What's a new car or new flooring compared to the loving, nurturing, Christian environment he is getting at school." When my child spends 8 hours a day with other people, I want to know he is in good hands... God's hands.
I can honestly say it was a big decision for me in deciding which school to send our children.  I had attended the Baptist church growing up and attended the Pella Public Schools.  My school experience was a very good one with great friends as well as teachers.  As the time grew closer for us to make a decision, my husband pretty much left it up to me.  We had many discussions and I knew how he felt because he had attended a CRC Church and the Pella Christian Schools, however, he did not push me in that direction.  I have always felt that the training and instruction which our children receive should first begin in the home and I also felt it very important for me to get them on the school bus and be home at the end of their day when they arrived, especially when they were young, as this was the experience I enjoyed as a child growing up.  To put it bluntly, I was not willing to work full time so we could afford Christian education.  However, the more I thought about it, I felt that having a Christ centered education for our children was important.
We prayed about it and decided if the money was there we would send our children to the Christian school.  We have been truly blessed over the years and have been very pleased with our Pella Christian School System, the wonderful Christian teachers and the fact that they were praying for our children every day.  Knowing that the teachers our children had over the years helped in molding them to follow the Lord was very important.  Our children are grown up now and have told us that they realize we were making a sacrifice by sending them to the Christian School.  One of our children is actually teaching now at a local Christian school.  We have felt that the money invested in Christian education was definitely the right decision and we would certainly do it again.

When the time came to send our first son to school, it would seem a fairly easy decision to send the fourth generation to PCGS, and for the most part it was! Both my husband and I were raised in the Pella Christian school system, but we know that our community offers many strong educational opportunities.  We want our children to learn and grow in an environment where God is ever present. We understand this will not make them perfect or eliminate the typical childhood struggles, but we pray that they will be affirmed as children of God by their teachers and fellow students and be ready to enter into service in His kingdom with a strong belief system in place.  When our children were baptized, we promised “to do all in your power to instruct your child in the Christian faith and to lead him by example into the life of Christian discipleship.”  We strongly believe that Christian schools will help us try to attain this goal.

I grew up in the Christian school, but when I moved back to Pella as a single parent, I was not sure I could afford to send my kids there.  I decided to spend time talking to people on both sides of the issue and was impressed by the passion Christian school parents have for Christian education.  I was also finding since my son was at Creation Station, that he would come home with Bible knowledge I could build on rather than start from the beginning.  I went to an open house at both schools and seeing Miss Rosie’s love and heart for my son was the push I needed.  I decided to take the school at its word to help financially and trust God for the rest.  I feel like the school and teachers have come along side of me to help me build a strong foundation in my kids in the word of God.  It is such a blessing to not have to do it all alone!  

We sent our daughter to kindergarten at a public school.  The two weeks she was there she was not herself.  One morning as we walked in to school, we passed a mother reprimanding her son in colorful words.  Feeling like we had no other choice, I would pray over her and send her into that environment every day.  Something was missing.  By the Holy Spirit’s urgency, we pulled her out and got the last spot at Creation Station.  She thrived there!  The teachers were wonderful and she came home excited about the Bible stories, activities, and friends she made.  I felt as if we had our daughter back.  Then we visited kindergarten and I saw Jesus’ love pouring out from Miss Rosie to the students.  I hope to send all of our children to Pella Christian Schools, where they not only learn academics, but life skills with a backbone; not an empty “be nice to each other”, but “love one another as Jesus did.”  We drive 20 miles one way, and it is worth every effort.

The opportunity to send our children to Pella Christian Grade School was not even something we had to wonder about.  As a Christian and as a parent, God is the center of our lives, why not let out children be able to not only receive an excellent education (PCGS continues to excel in education standards and statistics) but to also be able to experience God in every aspect in school.  I am so overwhelmed by the time, love and attention the teachers give to all of the students.  I respect them for what they do and the wonderful examples they show our children.  I love to visit the school, walk down the halls, and see all of the pictures of all of the students who have been in these halls before.  I love to walk by and see the beautiful murals on the wall of Jesus with his outstretched hands or beautiful angels that the children have made with glue and glitter.  My absolute favorite thing about the school is that it is a safe haven, not only for our children but for the parents as well.  There are many trials in this life but you know you always have a family at PCGS; you feel a bond and feel very close to the other families.  I am overwhelmed at school events of the outpouring of love and support given to the school from parents, grandparents, and alumni.  Not only do you have a wonderful safe environment reminding our children that God loves them but you also have a second family.

Christian education can be described in so many ways.  I see it as a great tool that we as parents can choose for our children.  God commands in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 that we are to love the Lord and impress His commands on our children.  We are to do this as we sit at home, walk along the road, lie down and get up.  PCGS is an excellent tool that helps me as a parent try to fulfill God’s command.  Surrounding our children with God’s word and servant-hearted teachers/staff provides amazing opportunities for our kids to be impressed with God’s love and truth. 
I feel Christian education for my children is important for a couple reasons.  The biggest reason, I think, is that I want the adults in my children's lives all to be "pulling in the same direction."  The God we worship in church and obey as a family is present in our school as well.  Students at PCGS learn not only who God is and what he has done, but also how to live for him in their relationships and their daily work.  They see his presence in history, science, language and art, both in the classroom and on the playground.

A second reason comes from my own experience growing up in a Christian school.  Adults have a powerful influence on young minds, and teachers have maybe the biggest because of the time they spend and the respect they gain from their students.  My own Christian teachers in grade school, high school and college have had such a positive influence in my faith and my life.  I want that for my children as well.  My husband and I feel so blessed to have teachers who model Christian lives, whether they are young, excited, new-to-the-field teachers or older veterans of the classroom.
We want our children to graduate as trained disciples who love the Lord with heart, mind and soul, ready to go out and claim the world for their Lord. 

Our story is not so much about why we decided to send our children to Christian school but more about how we have received confirmation so many times that we made the right decision by having them attend PCGS.  The first, and one of the most profound moments was when my daughter was in kindergarten.  It was around Christmas time and we were riding in our van looking at Christmas lights.  We had been past the John De Vries Christmas light display and my son told us that he wished he lived at his cousin’s house (his cousin lives near John S. DeVries).  We asked him why he said this (was he mad at us for something?).  He told us that if he lived at his cousin’s house, he could see the lights every night before bed.  Our daughter spoke up from the back seat and told him that he shouldn't covet.  My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief.  Did she even know that word meant?  So we asked her and she very thoroughly went on to explain that coveting is when you want something that you don't have and that God doesn't want us to covet.  We were speechless.  Immediately, we said prayers of thanks for all the staff at PCGS for their dedication to teaching our children about God.  Sometimes, the examples aren't so obvious, but almost every day as I'm looking through their homework, I'm reminded of how my payment to the school each month is a very small price to pay for the spiritual education they receive.

After finishing up our first week of school, I am again reminded of the amazing blessing we have in Pella Christian Grade School. The presence of God in this place overwhelms us when we enter the school. The comfort we feel in knowing our children are learning everything from a Christian perspective eases our apprehensions as we entrust them into others' hands. Words can truly not express the joy we have in seeing our kids grow in their love for the Lord and learning how they can serve Him in all aspects of life. We do our very best to instill Christian values in our children at home, but to know the school is partnering with us as we seek to lead our children in life long service to our Lord and Savior brings an amazing peace within us. We are so thankful for PCGS, Mr. DeJong, and all of the amazing teachers who pray with and for our children and give of so much of their time and talents to show them Jesus' love. We believe Christian education is one of the best investments we can make in our children, an investment that will reap rewards for the rest of their lives.

We were first introduced to PCGS by way of the PCGS marching band. It was while were visiting Pella, for my first time ever, during Tulip Time 1999.  We were living in Atlanta, Ga. but had come up to Grinnell for a visit with the Grandparents.  We came to Pella to watch the afternoon parade, see the tulips and taste a Dutch letter.  Our children were so little that Lynn was holding one and I the other, as we stood at the corner of Washington and Main watching the parade. We couldn't believe how family-oriented this community appeared with so many children and parents involved in the parade and then a smile came across my face when I saw the PCGS marching band. It was at that moment that I turned to my husband and said, "If you ever drag me to Iowa, we are checking out that school!"  My husband had always wanted to return to Iowa and I had hopes of having my children attend a Christian school.  In the years to follow, we considered a number of places to move to but we believe God was calling us to Pella and so we came.  We have been here for 3 years now and absolutely love it and we thank PCGS for having a marching band that introduced us to a wonderful school and community.  The very existence and presence of the PCGS marching band is important, not only to our students, our school, and our community, but also to the new people that just may be watching our Tulip Time parade and wondering...where to move to next.

Do you know what makes a great school?  PCGS is a great school, and I’m going to tell you three reasons why it’s a great school.

  • The first reason is that it teaches you great Christian values.  The best way to learn Christian values is through the Bible.  During Bible class all we do is learn about Christian values, just think one whole class!
  • The second reason PCGS is a great school is that I have super Christian friends.  It’s so great that all my friends go to church.  I also enjoy being able to talk to my friends about Christian things.
  • The last reason is it has awesome teachers.  Every teacher teaches me about God.  They also teach you all kinds of wonderful information.

I have given you three excellent reasons why PCGS is a great school so why not choose PCGS?

  • I think PCGS is a good school.  PCGS has many great people.  When you fall down they help you up.  There are also many Christians and they read the Bible.
  • People at school pray for you.  They pray for you when you’re sick and pray for a lot of other things like safety, people who are having babies, stuff that might go wrong and people moving.
  • There are so many subjects!  The subjects are math, reading, social studies, science, English, algebra, and literature.  I really like math because we’re studying multiplication.

PCGS is a great school.

I think PCGS is a good school for many reasons.

  • One reason is that it is a Christian school and they talk about God and read devotions.
  • Another reason is that there are nice people, the teachers are nice because they don’t give you much homework.  Mrs. Nugteren lets you play games to review for tests.  The students all get along with each other.
  • Lastly, PCGS helps students learn a lot.  In 4th grade we learn reading, math, social studies, devotions, language arts, spelling, Bible, science and more.
  • These reasons are why I think PCGS is a great school.

If you want a magnificent school come to PCGS.  I am going to tell you why.

  • First, PCGS is a great school because we pray.  At PCGS we pray in the mornng, lunch and at the end of the day.  I think when you talk to God it feels great.
  • Second, I love it when we read the Bible because it has so many interesting and exciting stories.  Sometimes when we read the Bible I’m always wondering what is going to happen next.
  • Third, at PCGS we have lots of fun.  At PCGS we go on field trips.  In fourth grade you get to go to ponds!  When I went to the ponds I had tons of fun.  I think you will probably have tons of fun too.
  • So if you want to have fun, read the Bible and pray, come to PCGS.

If you want a Christian school for your kids I would recommend Pella Christian Grade School.  I have the best reasons why!

  • Number 1, we pray to God whenever we want but as a class we pray together 3 times a day!  But the best part is Bible.  We learn Bible verses, it’s hard but we learn it.
  • Number 2, you meet amazing friends.  You get to see them at recess.  I have many, many friends here.  I mostly made them when I first came here.   Either way they’re still my friends.
  • And last but not least number 3.  When you come here don’t be nervous!  All of our teachers are nice.  But the best part is you don’t have much homework.  But the most important part is they all know God.

Why PCGS is a great school is because God is in it.

  • PCGS teaches you more about God.  It teaches you to walk with him.  For example when you read the Bible it teaches you more about God.  A second example is you could do what David did by trusting God like knowing he is with you always.
  • A lot of people are nice and caring.  For example, when you get stuck people help you.  When you fall down they pick you up.  They help you when you have a hard time like in math.
  • PCGS has a lot of really fun things, like swinging on the swing set.  There is a lot to play, and people include you, and you could swing with a friend.
  • So if you are looking for a good school, then come and check out PCGS!

Why PCGS is a great school.  You can talk to God without hiding.  You can pray to God together and have prayer requests to share your feelings.  You don’t have to pray in a certain place or at a certain time.  You can just pray anytime!

  • Pella Christian is the greatest!  Now do you want to know why?  I will tell you!  When you look at it you don’t just see a school and people.  You see a house like when we help each other.  Just like a family.  You and your family eat together.  We eat together, talk together and play together.  We are all trying to make the world a better place. 
  • We have a lot of subjects to learn about.  We have, Bible, math, spelling, reading, science, social studies.  When we learn it we go on and learn it more.  We study for it awhile.  We do a spelling test every week.  It is fun because the first ones are easy and the last ones are challenging.
  • So if you are looking for a new school come join us at Pella Christian Grade School.           

Pella Christian Grade School is AWESOME!  I have three good reasons for liking PCGS. 

  • First, we have good Bible believing teachers.  Every morning before school they pray with their class.  And last year in 3rd grade our motto during ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) was:  Do your best and let GOD do the rest.
  • Second, we have nice classrooms.  Each teacher has a laptop.  Also each classroom has a whiteboard.
  • Third, our principal is so cool.  He comes in to the classrooms and sometimes looks at our work and says “Great Job!” or “Good Work!”  He calls you by your name every morning when you walk in school.  Every morning and afternoon he gives you high fives. 
  • That’s why I like Pella Christian Grade School!

Why is PCGS a wonderful school?  I think that more people should come to PCGS.  It is a wonderful Christian school.  I also think that people new to PCGS like school because Jesus created it.

  • First, I think Pella Christian Grade is a wonderful school because you can come closer to God.  We read the Bible and pray to God.  We learn lots of outstanding things from the Bible and you can learn how powerful God really is.  We can also pray to God whenever we want to.
  • Second of all, we can learn remarkable things.  I learned how to multiply and divide.  I think multiplication is an important thing to learn, and division.  Multiplication is so easy to learn, because it is just addition.  Division is also easy because it is just the opposite of multiplication.
  • Last but not least, there are plenty of kind people in this school.  If you tumble to the ground someone will help you up again.  Teachers are always encouraging you to do your best for the Lord. They also help you through your troubles and problems.
  • I hope more people will come to worship God at our school.

I’m writing to you as a parent of four precious children I would give anything for, as I’m sure you would do the same!  Your children are precious in God’s sight, and their futures are important to all of us!
Our teachers are all committed Christian believers.  When we send our “babies” off to school for 7 hours or more of each day, we do not worry about what kind of teacher they will be placed in the care of or what worldly view may be taught that day.  Is the teacher atheist, Muslim, or homosexual?  Just think about how much time your child is in the care of school compared to the short amount of time we are with them each day!  Our kids come home almost every day with some insight from the Bible from some subject they studied.  They have weekly memory work to learn, and from the first day of kindergarten they’re taught the story of God’s creation – not evolution!  Also, we feel confident that their textbooks are written from a perspective we can appreciate as Christians.

The only place we would ever consider sending our children off to is a Christian school where the day is WRAPPED IN LOVE AND PRAYER, and we know that what they are being taught is the same thing (or better than) we teach at home.  What a huge blessing it is to live in a town such as Pella that has the option of a Christian grade school and high school!  If it’s there…why not take it?!  In our opinion, it’s definitely best to have ALL SIDES working together toward the same goal!  As parents we need all the help we can get to raise our children up in the Lord.  We have a few short years with them……then they are gone!!!  At this point, two of our kids attend PCGS, as I did.  My husband on the other hand did not.  Now he sees what our kids learn and the programs they can be involved in etc. and knows just how much he missed out on.  He wishes he would have had the opportunity.  Sending our children to a Christian school gives us  great joy, and  knowing you are doing everything possible in your power during this moldable time in their lives to give them that strong Christian foundation they need for the rest of their lives!  Believe me when I say, honestly I am scared to death for my children’s futures and know everything I do and say today effects them tomorrow!!!   HELP!!!  As we would gladly tell you, sending our kids to Pella Christian has been one of the best decisions he has ever made! 

Just think for a moment about what a School Christmas Program would be like……..WITHOUT JESUS!  Maybe it would even have to be called a Holiday Program??  Wouldn’t there be something missing??  How empty it would feel.  From kindergarten all the way through High School, they would never be able to sing or play a religious song at any program or concert, dedication, or Open House. Their songs are complete innocence.  They sing their hearts out for the Lord!  It has been a tremendous joy to watch our children and listen to their songs from both church and school of hope and joy brought to us only by our Creator and Savior.  Ask my parents or any PCGS Grandparent about what awesome things they get to witness at Grandparents Day each Spring.  This year the kindergarten class recited with full emotion all of Psalm 23 with actions.  WOW!  I will always remember sitting in that same kindergarten room learning Psalm 23 and coloring MY little Psalm 23 booklet! 

In making this lifetime decision….. please prayerfully consider your children’s futures.  They deserve the very best.
These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children.  Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.
Deuteronomy 6:6-9

An 8th grader wrote this from Pella Christian who transferred here in the fourth quarter of her 7th grade year.  This was taken from her speech that she gave in 8th grade about her life and legacy at Pella Christian.

Psalm 100:5- For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.
I have now attended Pella Christian Grade School for a little over a year, and in that time I have been blessed with friends, education, and God’s hand visible in my life.  When I first transferred I was nervous and uncertain.  After the blur of the first months I was onto eighth grade and was determined to find peace with my new environment.  I have ended feeling quite comfortable and as if I belong here. I feel I have grown tremendously in this journey; all for what is righteous and godly.

This transformation has been a path for me, a path where at times I wandered with my hands outstretched and pleading not to run into anything.  Other times it was clear as and arrow above my head.  Throughout this maze of emotions and experiences I met some amazing people.  Each one has such a distinct personality that there is no way to label them other their name and faithfulness to Jesus.  I made memories of sadness, humor, pride, and regret.  I believe that our paths are each unique, sending us on our way to serve God in His kingdom.