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When should I apply?

Submit an Inquiry to PCGS as soon as you know your family has interest in attending here.  It's never too early to make us aware of your interest.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, needs-based tuition assistance and savings are available.  Learn more here.

How many students attend PCGS?

Approximately 450 students attend Kindergarten through 8th grade with a total of over 750 students learning and living God's story from Preschool through 12th grade.

Does Pella Christian offer transportation?

Pella Christian offers a busing service to locations within the Pella School District and many surrounding communities to provide parents a safe and convenient transportation option for their children to Pella Christian Grade School, Pella Christian High School and Creation Station Christian Preschool.  Our busing service is an additional cost to families.

House to house pickup and drop off is provided for addresses within the Pella School District.  For those living in surrounding areas, bus stop locations include:

  • Knoxville (Auld Park)
  • Leighton (home pickup)
  • Monroe (old Casey’s)
  • Newton (Farm Credit Services)
  • Oskaloosa (Oskaloosa Christian School)
  • Otley (home pickup)
  • Peoria (home pickup)
  • Prairie City (Casey’s)
  • Sully (Sully Christian Reformed Church)
  • Tracy (Hwy 92 Pickup)

Preschool/One To Grow On students (must be 4 years or older) may ride the bus with an older sibling attending PCGS for the additional cost listed below.

What security measures does Pella Christian have?

Pella Christian is a secure campus.  It is locked during the school day and all visitors must sign in with our front office staff.

Does Pella Christian have a dress code or uniform requirements?

Pella Christian has a dress code, but does not require student uniforms.  A reasonable dress code should not frustrate the students who must abide by it or the faculty and administrators who must enforce it.  Our appearance, like all of life, must honor God.

Do families provide student technology?

PCGS has a 1:1 technology program for students in 4th grade and above.  Students in 4th and 5th grade use 1:1 technology in school only, while grades 6th and above use their devices both in and outside of school.  The desire of PCGS is to continue to provide tools and resources for our students who are 21st century learners in a safe and God-glorifying manner.  Increasing access to technology is essential for the future of our students and the use of devices is a way to help them apply technology in college, in the workplace, and beyond.  

Does Pella Christian offer partnerships with homeschool families?

We know that our mission is also the goal of many homeschool families. We are happy to explore partnerships with middle school families that wish to supplement their homeschool curriculum with courses at Pella Christian.  Students wishing to participate in co-curriculars must be enrolled in three classes.  Please contact Teresa Ulferts, PC Director of Admissions, at for part-time course tuition, fees, and more information.

Does Pella Christian follow the Common Core?

As an independently accredited school in the State of Iowa, Pella Christian has the ability to add, delete, and modify state and national curriculum such as Common Core to align it with our core values as a faith-based institution.  When each curricular area is reviewed a team of teachers, administrators, board representatives, and parent volunteers examines the Iowa Core to determine the desired level of alignment in that curricular area. As we create curriculum that promotes the PCGS vision, mission, and values, we choose to use standards from the Core only if they reflect our desired rigor and do not conflict with our beliefs.