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Pella Christian Schools TRIP Policies


1.     The TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) program is available to any family who wishes to earn rebates to help reduce the cost of K-12 Christian education tuition, hot lunch fees or bus fees for current or future Christian School students.  Any questions about the program should be directed to

2.     An online ordering account must be set up at using the PCGS enrollment code, which can be obtained by contacting the PCGS office at 641-628-2414 or emailing   

3.     Orders must be placed online and paid with an online payment option or by a check payable to PCGS TRIP in the designated box by the published deadline to be included in the orders each week. The current deadline is every Tuesday at noon with a week off at Christmas and occasionally Spring Break.

4.     Payments to the TRIP program are non-tax deductible since you receive dollar for dollar value. 

5.     Orders may be designated to be sent home with a student.  Orders are held in the office by default.  If you put a student name in the “Student Name:” box on your account profile the cards will be sent home with that student.  Please do not put anything in that box if you wish to have your cards held at PCGS.

6.     These gift certificates are just like cash.  Pella Christian Schools nor the office staff are responsible for lost or misplaced certificates. 

7.     Anyone writing a NSF (insufficient funds) check or having a Presto Pay payment rejected will incur a fee of $30.00 to be paid to the program.  After two NSF checks or ACHs are tendered on your account, only money orders or cashier’s checks will be accepted on your account for a period of one year.  After one year, personal checks will again be accepted.  If there is another NSF check or rejected ACH we will only accept money orders and cashier’s check from then on.

8.     Several of the local businesses are participating in this program by way of vouchers instead of certificates.  A current list of participating businesses can be obtained from the PCGS office staff.  To use the vouchers, all you need to do is make a purchase at one of these businesses.  If your purchase conforms to the stipulations they have set up (you must purchase over $25 if there is a $25 minimum), you can ask to have a voucher filled out at the time you pay for your purchase.  It is your responsibility to request that a voucher be filled out at the time of purchase and turn it in to the TRIP program.  Credit for these vouchers will only be given when the white copy of the voucher is received by the TRIP program.  Vouchers must be turned in to the program within one year of the purchase date listed on the voucher to be valid.

9.     Fifteen percent (15%) of the gross rebates earned by each account will be used by the school to help administer the TRIP program.  (15 cents of every dollar in “rebates” your family earns).  This helps cover shipping charges and other incidental expenses incurred by the program. 

10.  The PCGS TRIP program will annually send out a questionnaire, via the email on each online TRIP account, to collect instructions on holding or disbursing rebates earned.  Questionnaires not answered will be automatically held until the next annual payout date.  Failure to respond to the annual questionnaire for 2 consecutive years will result in any earned rebates being transferred to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) fund of Pella Christian Grade School. 

11.  Family or friends may help others increase their earning potential by setting up their own account and designating the rebates earned to the families of their choice through the annual questionnaire. 

12.  Parents looking to the future and planning for the Christian education of their young children can also participate by setting up an account and requesting the rebates earned be held through the annual questionnaire.

13.  TRIP is being offered to promote the Christian education of students in grades K-12.  If you wish to have your rebates paid out to a Christian school other than PCGS or PCHS there will be the opportunity to provide us those details on the annual questionnaire.