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Accessing a PC Education

Every qualified, mission-appropriate student has opportunity to attend PCGS, and we know that for many families the investment may be a challenge. Our goal is to make Christian education accessible to many. Please review the opportunities listed below. All families are eligible for Iowa 529 Account Savings, the Iowa Tuition and Textbook Credit, and the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP).

Families may be eligible for additional tuition assistance for students in grades K-8 based on demonstrated financial need. The average tuition assistance grant is not intended to cover the total tuition costs. The family is responsible for payment of the tuition and fees above the grant amount. Parents must reapply each year for tuition assistance and no student is given tuition assistance for academic or athletic ability. 

Iowa 529 accounts can be used to fund K-12 tuition paid to an accredited State of Iowa school.   A 529 Plan is an after-tax investment account that grows tax free if distributions are used for qualified educational expenses. Pella Christian Grade School is an accredited State of Iowa school and our tuition is a qualified 529 account expense.  The State of Iowa guidelines state that the maximum 529 distribution per K-12 student is $10,000 per calendar year and payment can only be applied towards tuition.  If you participate in the Iowa 529 educational savings plan, please have qualified distributions made and sent directly to PCGS. 

Visit the Iowa 529 website here:

Families can claim a credit of up to $500 for tuition and textbook payments on their State of Iowa income tax return. Use your tuition statement as proof of payment (call the business office if you need a copy). Please ask your accountant for more information on your specific tax situation and eligibility.

Available to all families, gift cards to local and national retailers and restaurants can be purchased from the school and a portion of the purchase is credited towards tuition. The two links below will lead to an FAQ Page and TRIP Policy Page.  

Frequently Asked Questions about TRIP at Pella Christian

Policies of TRIP at Pella Christian 


PCGS students are eligible for needs-based scholarships.  Needs-based assistance comes from the Heart of Iowa School Tuition Organization (STO) and our PCGS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).  PCGS uses an outside agency (FACTS) to process online applications for both STO and TAP assistance.  There is no application fee to apply.

FACTS Link to apply for all PCGS needs based assistance.

Eligibility is determined by the STO and is updated annually.  Criteria is based upon your household size and income, as outlined below for the 21-22 school year.  Households who may not qualify based on the guidelines below, but who have other special financial circumstances should also consider applying.

PCGS begins accepting tuition assistance applications for the next school year as early as February 1 and priority is given to those who apply by April 30.  Applications for the current school year can be accepted at any time throughout the school year, and awards are retroactive and subject to fund availability.