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Tuition Rates


Pella Christian Grade School’s tuition price is one bundled price for all programs, activities and classes in which your child participates.  This one price allows us to develop each child’s individual, God-given gifts – whether your child participates in band or athletics, if they need special education services, whether they learn in English or Spanish or receive additional challenges in our SPARK program.  Pella Christian Grade School is a united community that serves and challenges all students for a lifetime of service in God’s Kingdom.

Families may choose to utilize our busing service or daily school lunch program for an additional fee.  Families will be invited to participate in fundraising opportunities throughout the year and are under no obligation to participate.  

We want every qualified, mission-appropriate student to be given the opportunity to attend PCGS, and we know that for many families the investment may be a challenge. Our goal is to make Christian education accessible to many. Families are encouraged to review the tuition assistance opportunities.  

Families may be eligible for additional tuition assistance for students in grades K-8 based on demonstrated financial need. The average tuition assistance grant is not intended to cover the total tuition costs. The family is responsible for payment of the tuition and fees above the grant amount. Our parents must reapply each year for tuition assistance and no student is given tuition assistance for academic or athletic ability.