Valerie Keegan

Hello from the NEW ART ROOM! 

What fun is has been to prepare this new space for another year of creating! I am thrilled to be in my fifth year back at PCGS, and I am loving my role as the art teacher for kindergarten through 3rd grade. My passion has always been middle school students, and I am finding that middle school students and kindergartners and amazingly similar!!! I love them both.  

I moved to Pella a little over 10 years ago to teach 6th grade at PCGS. After teaching mainly 6th grade for more than five years, God blessed my husband and I with a son and daughter. Since then I have been teaching parttime and taking time to care for my family. Now my son is a 4th grader, and my daughter is loving Kindergarten! I am incredilby thankful for the opportunity I have to spend some time at home while still being able to serve the students and families at PCGS. 

The BIG idea in our art room is that: GOD is the ULTIMATE ARTSIT! He is the ultimate creator and the only one who never makes mistakes!