Pete Lyon

 My wife and I met in high school in our Junior year and got married four years later.  We have three children and 8 grand children. My wife and I like to hike, walk, and bicycle. We have lived in several states ( Minnesota, Iowa, North Carolina, Michigan, Washington, and Delaware) where I have taught in a variety of schools.  In addition to teaching in different schools, I have been blessed to teach in grades ranging from 5-12.  I have found students at every age level, as well as, the subjects I have taught to offer new and exciting challenges and opportunities. I also worked as a full time school counselor for six years.  I feel especially blessed to have the chance to teach students at Pella Christian Grade School.  I look forward to experiencing the gifts with which the Lord has blessed them all.  This is my fourth year at Pella Christian Grade School. My four years here have been exciting and fulfilling as I work alongside my fellow Christian educators and the parents that have chosen to send their children to receive a Christ centered education. I feel blessed to have had yet another year at Pella Christian Grade School.  I anticipate a great year in the 2019-'20 school year.