Ana Leticia Martinez
We went to Grand Canyon this summer! What an incredible creation of God!

        Hola!! My name is Ana Leticia Martinez Lopez, happily married to Carlos Sagredo. Also, we have a three year old boy whose name is Maximiliano. In my family we come from different cultures, I am from Paraguay, my husband is from Chile and Max was born in the US. Therefore, we love interacting with different traditions!.

        We moved to Pella in October of last year and we really like it so far!

        In May of 2017, I finished a Master’s degree in Christian Education and I am looking forward to start a PHD. Additionally, I completed a English as Second Language Program (ESL) at college. In regard to my experience, I taught in Paraguay for 13 years in all school grades and at the university.

        I am sure God called me and my family to bless and be blessed in this beautiful city.

        In my free time a really enjoy watching a good movie or being outdoors!