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Andriz Melenciano
Andriz Melenciano
Middle School Spanish Immersion and FLES Teacher
Groups: Teachers

Línea narrativa:  Ver, reconocer y ser fiel al regalo. (See, recognize, and be faithful to the gift.)

Anhelo profundo: Mi anhelo profundo es que los alumnos vean el milagro de Dios a travez del aprendizaje de idiomas y que lo reconozcan como un regalo divino a lo cual deben ser fieles. (That students see the miracle of God through the learning of the languages ​​and recognize it as a divine gift to which they have to be faithful.)

Andriz Melenciano serves as Spanish Immersion middle school teacher at Pella Christian Grade School. This is Andriz’s eleventh year in education and prior to her current role, she served as a teacher in the Dominican Republic in classrooms ranging from kindergarten through middle school, as well as teacher for adults. She is married to Isaias Del Jesus and has two beautiful girls, Adrielix (9) and Isandriz (2).