Carrie Noble

Hola! I am not originally from Pella, but I love this town. I was born and raised in Ames, IA. After graduating from Ankeny Christian Academy, I decided to attend ISU, partially so I could live at home while I went to school (I love and like my parents and mom is a great cook). About two weeks after graduating in December of 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Biology, Jason and I were married and moving to the Atlanta, GA area to help with a church plant. I never saw myself moving away from my family, but there we were in Georgia with the pastor that we had met under and his wife as the only people we knew at first. While in Georgia, I taught math and science at a homeschool co-op and later I taught at a Christian pre-school. So, I am a teacher by trade more than training. :) We moved back to Ames in 2007. I found a job as a quality control/quality assurance lab technician until we moved to Pella in 2011. By the time we moved, we had our first two children, so I have been staying home with them since then.

Jason (my husband) is the Spanish teacher at Pella Christian High School. That is what brought us here. While researching "Spanish in Pella," he found out PCGS was getting ready to start a Spanish Immersion program. Second to his new job at PCHS, this is what he was most excited about when it came to the next chapter in our lives. We had the opportunity to send our kids to a school with a Spanish Immersion program.

We have five children when you count our international student from China who is a senior this year. We also have a 3rd grader, a 1st grader, a three year old and a one year old. I am the only girl in our house. I might need to get a female cat or dog...

I am super excited to serve the children of this school, especially the Kc class that I will be working with. I love reading, coloring, playing board games when the baby allows it, going places with my familiy, hanging out with friends, watching movies, drinking coffee (usually not so much recognizable as coffee because...let's face it...a mocha is glorified, caffinated hot chocolate). and baking. Oh, and working out (I enjoy that...I think).