Raul Pimentel
En mi país, México
En mi país, México.

Hello, this is teacher Raúl Pimentel

My name is Raúl Pimentel and I’m from Yucatan Mexico.  I started teaching in Mexico a few years ago. I chose to be a teacher because when I was serving in the church in my hometown and nearby areas, I realized how the lack of knowledge was affecting people's perception of the world. I believe that Christian education is one of the most effective ways to teach a new generation about who is God and how all his creation is related to Him.

It wasn’t a simple decision to choose this path of being a teacher, I struggled in many moments when I was about to give up.  However, when I was teaching and some of my students said to me something like “Thank you, Teacher, for your help” or “I trust you,” it reminded me that it was God who gave me this ministry, so I received more encouragement to keep working.

Two years ago, I felt hopeless, since I wasn’t feeling any support to continue as a teacher, and actually my family started telling me about to choose another career, and it was really hard, so I start praying for wisdom. Then even when I was considering all the ups and downs, I said to the Lord that I wanted to serve him even if in order to do so I would need to give up all my dreams.  Believe me, it was the hardest decision I ever made.

Two months after that prayer I received a phone call from a friend who was visiting Pella, she told me about the Spanish Immersion Program. I was amazed and scared because I was asking myself “Is it possible this is something that God is putting in front of me since I was willing to give up everything to serve him as a teacher?” Then I started all the application and visa process and to make the long story short, I’m here in this classroom serving all these kids in the love of Christ to give glory to God.

 I hope that as a teacher I model for my teachers how we as Christians should be imitators of Christ!