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Lucy Prado
4th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher
Groups: Teachers

Storyline:  ¡Crecemos para dar Fruto y servir a la comunidad!  (Grow to bear Fruit and to serve the community)

Deep Hope: Nuestro anhelo profuendo es crecer en sabiduría y conocimiento reflejando los frutos del Espíritu y sirviendo a Dios con todos nuestros dones así como a nuestra comunidad en Español e Inglés.  (Our deep hope is to grow in learning and knowledge, reflecting the Fruit of the Spirit and serving God and our community with all our gifts in both Spanish and English.)

Lucy Prado serves as a fourth grade Spanish Immersion teacher at Pella Christian Grade School. Prior to her role she taught English and Spanish as a second language for fourteen years in Monterrey, México ranging from elementary through college. She also worked as principal in middle school and as a college administrator. She likes to spend time with her husband Héctor and travel around Pella, visiting different places and taking photos.