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Reasons for not able to create backup files in QuickBooks
cindycrawford 01/16/2019 01:23 AM CST

Creating backups of the files becomes really important so that they can be accessed, if the original data has been tampered or lost. And when it comes to the software, as important as QuickBooks, then it should be considered as one of the topmost priority; since the software contains all the information of your company’s important files. And if you are not able to create the backup, there can be a few reasons:

  • File size exceeding more than 3 GB.
  • Name of the file is too large
  • Not enough space in the device.
  • The path of the file is too long.

And if you wish to rectify the error and get a perfect solution, then get directly in touch with the QuickBooks Helpline number to avail expert guidance.

AngelaKinsey 01/17/2019 06:36 AM CST

I have a file under a company in QuickBooks. I need to change this file name but yet keep the old file as well. For example, In Microsoft Word, psychology research paper topics there is the "Save As" choice where you can save the document as something else but still, keep the earlier saved one. This option is featured in several various programs that allow you to edit a certain file one way but have differences that can also be altered. How do I go regarding this in QuickBooks?