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Fix HP Printer Not Printing Color Issue
shaily jones 04/15/2019 12:08 AM CST

If you are using an HP printer and you have come across with an issue of your HP printer not printing color, then this could completely hamper all your print works. Users can also use simple methods to resolve this issue. The steps that the users would have to undertake are as given below:

  • Access the front cover of the printer device and then remove the color printer cartridge.
  • Check whether your old color cartridge has expired, leaked or even dried up. If it has then that is why your printer is facing the issue in dispensing color in your prints.
  • Take a brand new color cartridge and then insert it into the printer, ensure that you have placed it accurately.
  • Once you have set the cartridge correctly, close the front access panel and then printing.

If you are still facing the issue of you not able to print color, then it would be best suggested that you promptly connect with the HP printer helpline number. They would look into your matter in more detail and provide you with the best possible alternative for this issue.