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About PCGS

Pella Christian Grade School is a place where your child can soar! Students at PCGS rise higher, fly together and soar in Christ as they experience a well-rounded curriculum, rooted in God's story, that challenges students to develop their individual God-given gifts for service in God's Kingdom.


Where You Can Soar / Donde Puedes Remontar Vuelo

Pella Christian Grade School is a wonderful place for students to develop their God-given gifts for a life of service in God’s kingdom. Our school strives to teach about our world from a Biblical perspective. Playing, working, and praising God together, students are expected to accomplish academic goals, to respect authority and each other, and increase in their love for their Creator and His world. God continues to bless our school with committed teachers, talented volunteers, and financial gifts. Explore our website to learn more about our school.



Rise Higher // Ir Más Alto

Students at Pella Christian rise higher through excellent academic training rooted in God's Word.  Students are offered unique experiences designed to help students use their individual God-given gifts for a life of service in God's Kingdom.  

Fly Together // Volar Juntos

The close student body, the supportive staff and the strong network of families are called together to create a community in Christ. Together, they strive to make sure every student finds their place. Within this body, classes encourage each other to new heights, friend groups find fun and fulfillment in their day-to-day and students have a family that goes beyond just their home.

Soar in Christ // Volar en Cristo

Faculty and staff go beyond traditional education by teaching for every individual's true transformation in faith.  Learning opportunities are designed to invite, nurture and empower students to know God's story and live their part in God's story.

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