Building Project

Pella Christian Grade School (PCGS) is excited to share that the society proposal for an onsite update and addition was approved on January 25, 2016 with a 94.2% approval vote.  Read more at the following link:  

Results of the January 25 Society Vote

Updates Since the Vote                    Building Project FAQ

What are the next steps?

As we meet the fundraising goal for each phase of construction we will complete that portion of the project.  The goal is to have the third phase complete by the start of the 2018-2019 school year.  

Groundbreaking for each phase of the building project will not commence until 42% of the final construction cost estimated for that phase is available, cash on hand. In addition to cash on hand, a minimum of 85% of the final construction cost estimate for that phase must be pledged.

A Building Project Frundraising Committee has been appointed and is actively planning and carrying out a fundraising plan.  Learn more about the fundraising and how you can help at or by clicking the image below.

In November Mr. Te Grotenhuis took us on a tour of the construction with his vlog "Two Minutes with T".  Take a look at those three videos below.  More pictures of the construction can also be seen by going to the link "Updates Since the Vote".

Brief History of the Building Project

  • In June of 2014, the Building Project Committee released a survey in which 203 PCGS supporters shared their input on the possible locations for a school expansion/addition.  Using the input gathered, a list of pros and cons for each of the three proposed sites was generated.  We invite our constituency to review this data at the following link:  Pro/Con List
  • In September of 2014, the Building Project Committee released a cost estimate report of the three options the Board of Trustees authorized them to investigate.  You can view that report at the following link: Building Project Committee Summary Report
  • At the Annual Society Meeting in May of 2015 the board shared a document outlining a Comprehensive Vision for PCGS Building Project.  You can view this document at the following link: Comprehensive Vision for PCGS Building Project
  • In December the PCGS board voted to bring the onsight proposal to the PCGS Society.  Follow the link to review the announcement that ran in the December, 2015 FOCUS outlining the proposal to the society.

View further history of the PCGS Building Project Committee work at the following link:  Building Project History

Preliminary Plan for the Building Project

Below are picture of preliminary site and building plans and artist drawings of three options for the school entrance as well as two interior design options.