Results of January 25 Society Vote

Pella Christian Grade School (PCGS) is excited to share that the society proposal for an onsite update and addition was approved! On January 25, 2016, the PCGS society approved the following motion with a 94.2% approval vote:

The Pella Christian Grade School (PCGS) Board be authorized to proceed with property acquisition as well as the onsite addition and remodel outlined in the FRK building plan which utilized the identified needs and the comprehensive building project vision. Building project phases are proposed as follows:

  1. Demolition of the house located at 301 Liberty Street and placement of leased, portable classrooms on that site. Estimated cost of $100,000.  

  2. Land acquisition and demolition of properties to the west, northwest and northeast of the present property for improved access and parking. Estimated cost of $1,200,000.

  3. New construction of additional office space adjoining present offices and renovation of present entrance and offices. Update classrooms to house all preschool classrooms at 216 Liberty Street. New construction of 15 classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen and a second gymnasium, as well as renovation of rooms, media center and art room. Estimated cost of $9,750,000

  4. Update of existing structure to including remainder of the roof, security, surfaces, bathrooms and technology. Estimated cost of $2,500,000.  

The cost estimate for the entire project is $13,550,000.

What are the next steps?

Groundbreaking for each phase of the building project will not commence until 42% of the final construction cost estimated for that phase is available, cash on hand. In addition to cash on hand, a minimum of 85% of the final construction cost estimate for that phase must be pledged.

As we meet the fundraising goal for each phase of construction we will complete that portion of the project.  The goal is to have the third phase complete by the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Throughout the entire process of educating our constituency, we have been pleased with the attendance at scheduled events and the interest expressed via questions. The result of the vote is a testament to the communication process that was undertaken and the desire for all constituents to have an opportunity to express their viewpoints.

In Christ,

PCGS School Board