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The middle school years (6th to 8th grade) are full of transition, growth and opportunity.  At Pella Christian Grade School, our teachers and staff culture of belonging where students build relationships, grow academically and see God’s story in their lives.

The Pella Christian Middle School House System creates a culture of camaraderie and give students a purposeful experience of true Christian community, by which students learn to care for one another and work together towards common goals.  Each student is assigned to one of six houses, named after concepts of unity.  Houses participate in various competitive and community-building activities throughout the school year.  Students remain in the same house during their middle school years here, forming long lasting relationships. The house system provides a structure for students to channel their natural energy and enthusiasm into friendly and spirited competition.  Students come up with creative ways to earn points for their houses and compete for the House Cup at the end of the year.  

Rec Day - Middle school students participate in a day of fellowship together in Fall called Rec. Day.  Through participation in a variety of activities in the beautiful Lake Red Rock Recreational Parks, students are able to celebrate and build community with one another and the staff.

"Can"struction Competition - Students work together in their houses to design a structure of donated food items that will eventually be given to the Pella Community Food Shelf.

Life Groups - These Bible study groups provide a chance for students to grow spiritual with adult leaders and students in their house.

Earlier this year, middle school students at Pella Christian Grade School met with Mayor Don DeWaard and asked him about the biggest challenge that Pella currently faces.  His answer was recruiting and retaining employees as a small town.  That got our middle schoolers thinking and with the help from their Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Wojczynski, they created a podcast to help share all the great parts of living in our small town to people who are thinking about moving here.  Their deep hope for this podcast is to help assist with this real problem by serving this real audience with their real work.

Episode topics include:

  • Pella’s Sweets and Treats 
  • Summer Days in Pella
  • Koffee Time in Pella
  • Red Rock Recreation
  • Tulip Time in Pella
  • Christmas in Pella
  • And more!

We encourage you to take a listen to the podcast on Anchor or Spotify and enjoy!


Spotify: Search "A Little Taste of Pelladise" or click



Students in grades seven and eight get to select an exploratory from a variety of classes offered each grading period.  Opportunities range from music, art, speech forensics and Lego league, to theater, robotics and designing an online publication.  Students are able to select and grow in areas of interest to them.