(Tuition Reduction Incentive Program)

Who can participate?
    ~ A family with children currently enrolled at PCGS or PCHS
    ~ A family who plans to have children at PCGS someday
    ~ A grandparent who wants to help their children reduce their tuition payment
    ~ A supporter PCGS or PCHS who wants to help the General Tuition Fund to lower tuition for everyone
    ~ Anyone may participate in the T.R.I.P. program.

What does it involve?
    It means you would use gift certificates (instead of cash, checks, or credit card) to purchase items you normally buy.  The businesses involved, locally and nationally, will give a percentage of your purchase back to our school to help reduce tuition.

How often do I have to use it?
    As frequently or infrequently as you choose.  Of course, the more you use it, the more beneficial it is to you or the school.

Read PCGS's TRIP Policies

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